Trigger Point Therapy Massage Ball Set

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Improve mobility, prevent injury, and decrease stress...

Self Massage Any Time, Anywhere – We all know how good massage is for you, but most of us probably can't afford a masseuse every day. Luckily, this set is like having a massage therapist in a bag.

Injury Prevention – Tight muscles lead to strains and tears in muscles and ligaments. These massage balls release tight muscles, preventing injury.

Stress Reliever – If you've ever had a massage you know just how relaxing it is. Now you can have the stress relieving benefits of massage any time you want.

Dual Purpose – Use one of the balls on its own to get into hard to reach parts of your body OR keep the balls in the bag as a 'peanut shape' for around your spine and under your joints.


OUT Accessory's Trigger Point Massage Ball Therapy Set is a simple, effective way to provide self massage and injury prevention. 

The two 100% rubber lacrosse size balls are perfect for massaging tight and sore muscles, allowing them to stretch and relax. 

A tight muscle is not only more prone to strains and tears, it can also pull on connecting ligaments in places like the knee and elbow, leading to pain and discomfort. 

The best way to treat minor muscle and joint pain is to keep your muscles limber and loose with myofascial tissue release and trigger point therapy. This set is the perfect self-massage tool.

It was designed as with a handy bag that gives it dual function: the balls can be used on their own or together in the bag as a 'peanut shape.' The set is light, portable, and cuts down on the amount of mobility tools you need.

It's perfect for travel and is a must have item for your gym bag. 


Circumference: 8 inches

Weight: 11 ounces

Materials: 100% Rubber



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